UHC Financing Page


The client, UHC, noticed that they were getting many calls from customers that reported “having trouble” with their Financing page. Customers were clicking on the “Apply Online” button regardless of whether they wanted to apply for financing through Wells Fargo or Microf. Many reported their frustration when they found themselves on Microf’s website when they were trying to apply for Wells Fargo.

I wanted to make it clear that UHC offers two financing options and that you had to go to 2 different locations to apply for the one users wanted. I also was restricted by the asset Wells Fargo provided since they are particular about their language.

How I helped

I suggested adding the header and subheader: "Enjoy the comfort now, pay later." and "Learn more about our two financing options below".

I also added an “Apply Online” CTA under Wells Fargo’s language since heatmaps and screen recordings showed that users were not clicking on the Wells Fargo asset that contains a “Learn More” button to complete their online application. Data confirmed that users were going out of their way by scrolling down to the Microf CTA.


'Before' screenshot of UHC Financing page


'After' screenshot of UHC Financing page


Within two weeks of making the changes, UHC reported that they had not received more calls that expressed frustration with their Financing page.

Data shows that the Wells Fargo CTA is now clicked more than the Wells Fargo image that contains the “Learn More” button. Additionally, Microf’s CTA clicks have decreased which indicates that users now know where to go to apply to the financing option of their choice.


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