Tocabe Website Redesign


Tocabe was in need of a website redesign that could improve their UX and bring them into the modern, digital world. Their old website didn’t have a helpful user flow. It lacked conversion paths and their content was haphazardly put together by their owners. Their menus and catering form were PDFs, which caused frustration for mobile users.

It was time to incorporate a strategic design that could also automate their catering process.

How I helped

Tocabe’s first move was to develop a StoryBrand Messaging Guide. I worked with the StoryBrand strategist to understand the story Tocabe wanted to tell. I then created a content prioritization guide to document the content hierarchy for the pages we were redesigning (all pages minus their “online store”). I made sure to incorporate elements from their Messaging Guide, as well as UX best practices. I also optimized conversion points to ensure visitors could easily get information they needed. Lastly, I wrote some of the UI copy which included CTA copy and some of their online catering form. Throughout the redesign process, I collaborated with our web designer, web developer, SEO strategist, and the client of course!


'Before redesign' screenshot of Tocabe's website


'After redesign' screenshot of Tocabe's website


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